MASTER Erasmus mundus - Europhilosophie

Mobility Scheme


- The EMM EuroPhilosophie is a bilingual, French-German, two-year, training programme:

  • The first year is titled "Consolidation and Discovery". During this year the student acquaints herself with the specific training practices of the EMM; consolidates her linguistic skills, needed to participate in the bilingual programme; and develops or adapts her research project through the contact with the various teaching domains that make up the totality of what the programme. The year consists of two exchanges of a semester each (and an exchange outside of Europe for those students with a B scholarship).
  • The second year is titled "Research". It is entirely devoted to the writing of a MA thesis under the direction of a supervisor. During this year the student resides at a third European Consortium university.

- First and second year students come together twice a year to partake in the activities of the intensive training courses:

  • A fifteen day course at the University of Toulouse, at the start of the year in September. It focusses on administrative and pedagogical integration. The Toulouse team of administrative and financial coordinators welcomes new students (e.g., registration, insurance, opening of bank accounts, etc.), presents the training programme and the academic calender, and gets students to sign the student agreement. The teaching intensives (six hours per weekday) are organised by the entire staff of Consortium local scientific coordinators. Second years, together with the Amicale graduates, organise study workshops for the first years (Stage 2011).
  • A ten day course at the Ecole Normale Supérieur in Paris, during the inter-semester in March. A training course organised by the Amicale des Etudiants, the Consortium Coordinating Office, the Centre International d’Etudes de la Philosophie Française Contemporaine (CIEPFC) and the Husserl Arichives of the ENS Paris. It consists of seminars, conferences and workshops that bring Europhilosophie students in direct contact with international researchers from the ENS, an associated member of the Consortium (Stage 2011).


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